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How Repair.ng works

Repair.ng is Nigeria’s No. 1 on demand repair service company. Here are some things you need to know about our booking service:

  1. We only have physical stores in Lagos and Asaba. We are adding other stores and partners with time. Use this service only if you are in these two cities or you are willing to waybill your device to us.
  2. After your booking is confirmed, our team will contact you same day to arrange pickup of faulty gadget.
  3. We can also deliver the repaired gadget to you. This extra service is free but we may charge you depending on your location.

Why fix phones, Laptops, Computers and Inverters with Repair.ng?

Repair.ng is Nigeria’s very first and most trusted offline and online repair service portal. We have made it very easy for you to repair your broken phones , Inverters and other electronics by simply booking us from the comfort of your home or office through our online booking service website: repair.ng.

We fix all kinds of phone faults including but not limited to Broken Screen Repair (Glass+Touch+Display), Charging Port Repair, Earpiece repair, Power Button repair, Volume button repair, Back camera repair, Front camera repair, Loudspeaker repair, Battery replacement, Microphone Repair, Home button repair, Liquid damage repair, Vibration repair, Headphone Jack repair, General Diagnostics, Software repair, etc.

Our mobile repair service in Nigeria stands out because we have employed certified technicians and we provide the following Value added additional services like free pickup and delivery, 7 days money back guarantee and 30 days warranty on all repairs.

We also repair all Inverter faults from all the brands of Inverters in Nigeria including: Lionrock, Prag, Smk, SMA, Genus, Luminous, soccer,save power, Ericko, lento, SRNE, Aims LF series, Schneider, must power, Eastman, Kartel, Bluegate, Sunkam DSP, I Power, Xantrex, Xantra, Victron and other similar inverter brands.

Feel free to place your order at repair.ng and experience our excellent service.