Use your phone Camera flash or phone screen as a powerful Torch/Flash light.

There is no gain denying the fact that almost all the world’s developing countries can boast of an unstable power supply. If that is the case for you then you certainly need not just a torch light but a mobile torchlight or you can call it a rechargeable mobile Torchlight! This is part of the series of our articles that aims at making the near-maximum utility of your phone.

If you are considering adding a torch light to your phone from third party sources then we can deduce that your phone is not a Torch light phone. By Torch light we mean those low-end China,Nokia and Samsung devices that prides Torch light  as one of its key features. You need not to worry about installing a Torch app in your high-end gadget as long as you need its service.

Now the type of flash light app to install depends on if your phone has a flash hardware or not.
Some time ago, I installed a Torchlight appplication in a Nokia Symbian phone and another in my Windows Mobile 6 PPC phone, that simply turns the phone screen to a bright white screen as Torchlight.Though the screen became as white as snow it barely served me because the intensity of such light is low and the light is largely unpolarised.

Another way phone Torch light app works is to make use of the phone’s notification light. This is so true specially of Blackberry devices. I used a flash LED app on my Curve3 for many months before I quit using the phone.

As regards to which Torch light app to choose I advice you to go through your phone app store and search with  keywords like Torch light or Flash light. I strictly advice you to install any Torch light app only based on Users’ review and rating.

Flaslight app for Android phones Shot: Mymobnet!
Flashlight app for Android phones
Shot: Mymobnet!

If you own an Android device with flash like mine, I strongly recommend the app Flashlight. It is a free and ad-free app. Search for it on the Playsore, you will see an app with the name Flashlight. Its icon has an orange background and a glowing bulb in the centre. The Picture above is my screenshot of the app’s appearance wwhen running.

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