On Tuesday #Apple inc. Launched new iPhones into the Market, the IPhone 5S and Iphone 5C. Many iDevice users took a long breath hoping they have got what they have been waiting for from their long silent but innovative company, alas! We here at Mymobnet! lab have seen disappointments in this supposedly Android killer company. This isn’t the innovation we hope to see!

A commenter wrote:

I have followed Apple since being “wow” back in 2005 with the 20”iMac with iSight camera, every year or two they’d wow us with another ground breaking product… I have everything Apple, Time Capsule, MBA, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, you name it. However, I can’t help but scream inside my head at Apple to wake up and realize that the reason why people fell in love with them was the excitement they created around new industry and the quality products they produced.  Yes the 5S is quality, however, you’re merely side stepping the current iPhone 5 with the 5C.  This is Apple for crying out loud, “Do Something Amazing” as the old Air Force advertisements went.  Their amazing has seemed to be fading away.

We can’t agree more with the above!

iPhone 5S

5 strong reasons why you will dislike the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

  1. Small Screen:
    Apple is still adamant in altering their screen size in this post-modern mobile generation. What on earth will I do with that little screen size that’s almost same size with iPhone 4S? Many mobile phone including me now prefer something more than 4.5’’ or better still a 5’’ device like the Galaxy S4, but Apple won’t after all 5’’ devices first came from their rival company, Samsung. Apple wake up!
  2. More Power consumption with faster processor:
    Apple on Tuesday boasted of introducing an A7 chip with 64 bit processor to the new iPhone 5S&C. Yeah this is great news, but have you ever wondered how this will change the price of garri in the…sorry…how this will benefit the end user? Little benefit because a faster processor will add a little speed to your phone making the iPhone 5S&C a non-super fast phone after all but will consume a whole lot of power!

    According to CNET review: “its 64-bit architecture, billion-plus transistors, and so on– and very little talking about how they benefit the user. Know why? Because for the most part, they don’t. A faster processor may help with certain games and apps, but it will also consume more power” So are we expecting another BB battery in this new iPhones?

  3. Improved Camera? :
    The camera of the iPhone5S&C is highly impressive, but is it any strong reason why one should go for it? Apple only gave us a 8MP camera though with an improved 10fps burst mode and a better flash but believe me, reviewers agree that this isn’t a great feature at all and HTC one’s camera and that of the S4 is way better than this! Its 8MP any way.
  4. No SD Card support yet!:
    Apple is telling us that if you can afford only the 16GB model, you should strictly confine your memory use to around that size, what?! In this generation? What on earth is wrong with an SD card? I don’t hate Apple but they are highly conservative. They pretend not to be but they hate change! Users need more offline storage, or better still let them make a cheaper 64GB or even 128GB model, if not let them provide the SD card option!
  5. Dwindling App store:
    With all these delay and poor innovation from Apple, many app developers now prefer to write an application first for Android and perhaps another for iOS. I shall stick to my Android phone until Apple wakes up and provide us with those ground breaking techs they are actually known for. Wasn’t Apple more innovative than any other company and platform before?

As we said before, we don’t hate Apple but we want a better iPhone!