Few days back we wrote about the Burge 17 Smart watch which runs on Android OS, today we present a must read 8 things you must know about the now popular Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch and believe me these 8 facts tells you all you need to know to stay updated on this latest innovation from Samsung. Here are the 8 facts and features of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smart watch:

8 Detailed facts you must know about the Samsung Galaxy Gear SmartWatch

Samsung Galaxy Gear Android Smartwatch

  1. The Samsung Galaxy gear is priced $299 which is roughly N50,000 when it comes down here! Hey you prefer an analogue gold watch? Mymobnet! says Nah!

  2. You can actually send and receive calls through the device. It can be used to check text messages and e-mail. You will love making calls via its speakerphone! Samsung thinks this feature shall be much useful especially when your both hands are busy with some other works!
  3. This unique watch has a stunning Touch screen though only 1.6-inch
  4. The inbuilt battery is unremovable and lasts about (only) a day for a normal use.
  5. You can’t use it alone! You must own a Galaxy Note 3 smartphone or the new Galaxy 10.1 tablet to operate it. Its a bit sad though specially considering the fact that not all of us own the required Samsung devices anyway Samsung says it has plans to make it compatible with the Galaxy S4 smartphone and the Note II later down the road.
  6. It has a tiny, but only 1.9 mega pixel– Whooh! A watch with a camera! Isnt that great? We at Mymobnet! thinks it is! SO the user can actually take pictures on the go!
  7. The Samsung Galaxy gear watch  runs on the Android operating system like other smart watches. . It comes with 60 to 70 pre-loaded apps.

The Galaxy Gear looks is similar in designto Sony Corp.’s upgraded Smart Watch released in June.
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