I have for so long tried to understand what all this Gionee mobile phone thing is all about. Thanks to Open source Technologies and Android Operating System! Chinese phones loaded with this mobile OS can now boldly compete with it famous counterparts in Korea and the United States.

Yesterday I was honoured to spend my day with a Sales manager of Gionee phones in Nigeria, Mr. Pound who is a Chinese


I got to know more about Gionee mobile. Nigerians are yet to know this innovative Chinese company that has already taken root in some countries like India. Mr. Pound took me round and showed me the major Gionee phones and I took some shots with the sales representive in Nigeria and a shot with Mr. Pound himself. He was evidently impressed with Mymobnet! Blog. See some of the shots below.


Gionee mobile Nigeria sales manager Mr. Jon
Gionee mobile Nigeria sales manager Mr. Jon
Gionee mobile Sales rep with Chekwas of Mymobnet.com
Gionee mobile Sales rep with Chekwas of Mymobnet.com

Brief history and profile of Gionee mobile company:

Established in 2002, Gionee is a technology company engaged in mobile device Design, R&D and Manufacturing. From 2005 Gionee forward integrated itself to do business in its own brand in markets across the globe.

 Being a technology company Gionee has set benchmarks of quality in domestic and international markets. Gionee ranks no. 2 in Mainland China selling over 23 million units annually. 

 The export business is in access of a million units monthly catering to well established brands overseas as an ODM. Gionee is now in the process of setting up its brand business globally and has a strong presence in the Middle East, Northern Africa, Vietnam, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand and NOW India. (Source of history gionee.co.in/company.html)