Etisalat Nigeria recently announced that her SMS engine shall be sending SMS updates and links to audio MP3 comments on especially the Nigerian Super Eagles match to her subscribers. Someone from Mymobnet! Team

is yet to test this paid service, but with our knowledge of most of Etisalat’s service, we can assure our readers a pleasant service from the mobile network provider at N100 for 5 days.
In Etisalat’s own words in today’s broadcast:

Etisalat presents AFCON 2013! Follow the Super Eagles & get Mp3 audio reports+SMS news & livescore alerts on your mobile. Just txt AFCON to 38747. N100/5 days

Click here to read my review of similar service from MTN and a comparison with Etisalat’s
Speaking of the price, I think N100 for less than a week service isn’t fair. This strictly means that users pay a whooping N20 for only an SMS alert received and not sent. This price I argue to be exorbitant to the average Nigerian especially at this time when similar information on African Nations Cup (AFCON) can be sourced from various online media sites free of charge.

However, this is still a service worth the price for those on the go who may not have access to any alternative channel for getting AFCON updates and those also who may never be impressed by Super Eagles match performance and will prefer an SMS update

To subscribe for this service AFCON to 38747. ONLY FOR ETISALAT USERS.

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