I know you want to socialize your phone, don’t you? There are countless numbers of messaging applications across the various Operating System stores out there but guess what? We have filtered out our best for you which are far better than Blackberry Messenger that is for those addicted to BBM pinging. We are not going to give you the download links because you can easily search and install (if available) these applications from your Nokia ovi store for Symbian and Nokia Java phones, Google Playstore for Android, Blackberry App world (former) for Blackberry phones and Apple store all from your mobile device or browser.

Best 5 Chat/Pinging apps you must give your phone:

  1. WhatsApp Messenger:
    This is our number one chat app. I have used this application across many mobile Operating Systems and I found it both smooth and fun. You only need a Username and Password to use to app on any supported device. WhatsApp  also works like an alternative to your phone SMS which means you can choose to send text to your contact either via your phone SMS or WhatsApp. The application is ad free so you shall have fun all the way.

    Best Chat app for mobile
    Best Chat app for mobile
  2. Facebook Messenger:
    Facebook is the largest Social network site in the world. This means that Facebook’s registered users are far greater than that found in any other site. Your loved ones and friends are certainly on Facebook. This standalone app connects you to all your FB contacts who are online. The good news is that many phone manufacturers ship their phones with a factory pre-installed Facebook messenger. You can alslo enjoy Facebook chat via some other 3rd party apps like 2go!, etc.
  3. 2go! Messenger:
    2go! is Mymobnet!’s third best chat app. Countless millions of people now use this java application on their mobile. It runs on low-end Java devices and China phones and connects you instantly to your friends.It also supports public rooms which means that you can connect to friends outside your region. The only bad thing about this app is that its default theme makes your phone appear as if its running on a Windows 98 theme! But thank God we’ve got very sleeky upgrade from 2go interactive! Unfortunately you wont find 2go! on many OS store so advice you to visit their website. If you have problem installing it on your Android read this article: Download latest 2go version to your Android and Nokia Phone
  4. Yahoo! Messenger mobile:
    This is the next on our list. It couldn’t make up to the first 3 due to its declining popularity. But Y! Messenger is still a great app notwithstanding. I earlier on posted an article on Yahoo messenger for Android which you can read. Many Operating system allows you to install additional plugin to your Yahoo Messenger for mobile. This plugin enables you make FREE video and voice calls with Yahoo Messenger.
  5. Badoo:
    The last of our top 5 chat application is Badoo. This fast growing communication app is more of a Dating app than a normal personalised communication application. Badoo’s primary function isnt how to re-connect you to your friends and lost contacts, but as a dating app it matches you with male or female users who share similar interest with you around your region. You can also choose to search and chat with friends from any major city around the world.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Have a nice day 🙂