For many months I have answered calls from Mymobnet! readers helping them find a better internet plan for their Android phones, computers and iPads plus data supported phones and devices and most importantly learning from their experience with the plans from lots of Internet Service providers in Nigeria, so am convinced that the best Internet plan and network for your phone, Android device and computer< b> is found here as you read on!

We shall try to make our appraisal on the best internet plan for Android devices based on the following points:

  • Cost
  • Reliability of network service
  • Amount of data

At least everyone agrees with me that the best Internet plan must be cost effective. How does an average Nigerian earn in a month that will make him spend up to N15,000 for his data consumption every month?

How to set up Android Internet connection
How to set up Android Internet connection

Etisalat Nigeria:

Because of the above point, we ruled out any plan from Etisalat Nigeria. The cheapest plan from Etisalat that can be used on PC and data consuming Android phone per month is N1,000 for only 200MB. This is poor. I don’t know about you but 200MB will take me no long way for the month.

Network reliability: 7.5/10

Also the 3GB plan from Etisalat is perhaps the most expensive at N6, 500. This is of course not the best for the average Nigerian.

Glo Nigeria:

Globacom Nigeria has something better to offer. At least better than that of Etisalat Ng. Those who use a minimum data can go for their Always Day plan where they offer 195MB for only N500 (*127*3#) or their Always Macro plan and get N1.5GB for N3, 000 (*127*54#)

Glo always minimum gives you 4GB for N5,000 and it’s pretty cool.
Remember that Glo’s network coverage is reliable. We can give it a 7/10 rating.

Though this is cool, it may not be the best if we find a more attractive package. Read on!

Airtel Nigeria:

The internet plan of Airtel is in no way better than that of any other network especially Glo. You can go for their Lite plan where you buy a 200MB + 60MB bonus for N1, 000 (*141*11*4#)

The Smartphone2 Plan costs N3, 000 for a total of 1.3GB data.

Their Plus Plan  gives you a total of 3.9 GB for only N5,000 (*141*12*1#)

See Airtel’s Facebook and Blackberry plan here

>>>Now the best thing about Airtel Nigeria’s internet plan for Android that gives it an edge over any plan from any other network in Nigeria is that their Blackberry subscription packages works for Android devices!<<<

Better still Airtel now has a BB unlimited plan that works on your Android phone just for only N1,500!

Airtel BB Unlimited 


  1. Data Allowance (MB) : Unlimited
  2. Retail Price (N) : 1,500
  3. Validity Period : 30  days
  4. USSD Activation Code : *440*16#
  5. SMS Activation Code : bbum

Unfortunately the 2G/3G network of Airtel Nigeria isn’t reliable at all! You just cant tell what will happen next with this network of theirs. Today it will be fast and tomorrow you will not be able to send/receive packets. It all depends on where you stay anyway but many Nigerians are complaining of this, and me too!

Network reliability: 6/10

MTN Nigeria:

In MTN Nigeria’s data plans, we are certain we’ve found the most most expensive. MTN seem not to be progressives and very much afraid of change. They are in the best position to pioneer a new and more affordable era of data plans especially for those using Android devices but they won’t. What they have in stock for us today was the best when it was first released but needs to be revised now. I have never been sure of their bonus data before.

Their 100MB costs N1,000 (*106*1#)

1GB costs N3, 500 (*111#)

The only great plan they have to offer is their 3GB Night plan ( 9PM to 6 AM) for  N2,500 (*102#) This plan is great because it actually works all day  in some locations in the country.

Read the latest MTN data plans in full

The best thing about MTN is the strength of their network. Their network is fast and reliable and we give it a 8/10 rating.

Now you have finished reading an unbiased rating of the country’s ISP from Mymobnet! Why don’t you make a choice now?



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  • KillingMeSoftly
    October 8, 2013 8:10 am

    Obviously, you did not do enough research else you would have noticed that Glo Always Min, 4GB for 5,000 is the cheapest. 30 days, 24/7 and fast. Actually use it for online gaming too.

  • Thanks for the observation! But MTN’s 4.5GB nite plan for N2500 seems to be better. Anyway it’s noted!

  • good day sir, please do you have any idea if the airtel bBum is still working, i”v been receiving complains from my friends that its not more active while some loose their money while trying to subscribe and did not receive any data.

    And also is the issue just restricted to the BBUM plan or they have the same network outage with all their plans. \Thanks as you help out.

  • I learned that Airtel disabled it for Android devices but some people are reportedly using it. Other Airtel data plans are still effective

  • Why does my 200mb monthly internet subscription from etisalat end after just a few days even though I don’t download any thing? Any ideas please? I use this data on my tablet.

  • It’s probably because your device consume a lot of data in the background. Your apps may be on automatic update and perhaps you don not always turn off your data after use.

  • In what locations has the MTN plan been known to work in the day time too?

  • Hello Dami, MTN now offers an additional 1.5GB that works 24/7 across Nigeria for their Nite plan. The remaining 3GB is exclusively from 9PM to 6AM

  • Thanks a lot.
    I just subscribed to the MTN night plan on my Android phone.
    I was given 1.5gb extra data which can be used 24/7.
    Forever grateful.

  • Are there any data plans for Nokia windows 8 phones?

  • No dedicated plan. Normal PC or Android plans works well