You want to buy phone in Aba, the Enyimba city of Nigeria? Thats not a bad idea because even before the advent of phones in the world, Aba has been long known as a commercial city. A popular Nigerian artist Ruffcoin AKA Nwa-Aba rightly said that

“If you bend down you go see Aba”,

so before you make that purchase you need some guideline like where to buy, what to avoid, etc. and thats what am about to give you, I mean right now!

Where to buy phone in Aba, Abia State:

Yes, because Aba is a commercial city, you will see a thousand and one shop scattered across the city that claims to be phone dealers. You must understand that you can only get the best price from the major dealers. Many small shops are only resellers, guess you know what I now mean! If you want to buy a mobile phone/Tablet in Aba, ask them of the Phone village in St Michael’s Road by main Park, Aba. I have bought 10 phones in this market alone!

St Michaels Aba, Abia State where you can buy phone
St Michaels Aba, Abia State where you can buy phone

Precautions to take in the Aba market!

Of course there are some mischievous things you should watch out for in St. Michaels. Perhaps you are a newbee in the Market, believe me, the boys on the street will readily identify you as one no matter how ‘sharp‘ you may parade yourself. But you need not to worry as long as you keep these precautions in mind:

1. Be mindful of street Helpers!

St. Michael phone village, Aba
St. Michael phone village, Aba
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Once you enter the Aba phone market, it will be written on your face that you need to buy a gadet. Then some boys on the streets will readily turn good Samaritans to you. They will in a kindly manner seek to help you. I will not ask you to avoid this guys (also known as Ndi oso ahia) because they have been of great help to me. But know that once you employ them for guidance, The phone seller will add some chips to the price of the phone you want to buy so that they can settle your Helper! Alternatively you can ask any good looking lady your questions.

2. Do not over-bargain! As a buyer, you are entitled to go for price survey as long as you want. Once you get something close to the best price settle for it. Note that the best price isnt neccessarily the cheapest price you can get! I remember when I wanted to buy a phone and I settled for one seller who agreed to sell to me at a N500 cheaper price, he packaged the phone for me and specifically showed me how he packaged the ear piece. When I got home, guess what? The ear piece was no more! He removed it but I didnt catch the joke and that was my N500!!!

3. Beware of PROMO advertisers and ‘NOKIA HOUSE’!!! Yes this may sound strange to you but read carefully because its real! Once you enter St. Michaels phone village, some group of guys will approach you. They will tell you that one NOKIA HOUSE is offering 50% discount to their customers which mean that a Nokia phone worth N21,000 will be sold at N10,500 only in that store! Many have been defrauded by these guys! when you eventually follow them to the said store, they will collect the half of the phone’s actuall price from you but unfortunately they will give you a look-alike China (Chi-chi) phone or a used phone instead of the new phone you bargained. If you want your money back, some group of Agboros,Alakpas,Alayes… will persuade to go home with the China phone. I know you wouldn’t like such scenerio so be warned!

On a concluding note, I must say that I have bought phones in Kaduna, Lagos, Onitsha but I confess that St. Michaels Aba is my prefered Market. Did I tell you that Aba people love their customers and will do anything to treat them fine? Yes, thats true! Once you avoid those on the street, the shop owner will end up being your friend!