Today we shall talk about an interesting topic especially to those who at a point or the other want to own a blog. You can read my post on How to host/own your own website or blog.

If you have made up your mind that you want to host your own paid website like Mymobnet!, the very first question you will ask is: Which website host should I choose?

Host your own website -Tips
Host your own website -Tips

People don’t just ask questions like these, of course such questions may not be always necessary if all web hosts are nominally good. Now that we know for sure that not all web hosts are good, in fact some are equivalent to 419 or fraud, some has very poor service and others good, then we know that people have nice reasons why they take time to choose their web host.

How to choose a best website host for your blog or site:

Choosing a nice web host as we may have seen isn’t easy at first especially for those who are first time in this. The first things to do before you host your blog or company site at any server are:

  1. Search for reviews: This is one of the most important things one must do before going into a strange Host. Thank God for the internet! Now, one can seek for a lot of people’s opinion in matter of seconds to days. Don’t be deceived by the popularity of any Website host. They may be popular because of their frequent impression of Google paid adverts (adword) or people say good of them because they only want to promote the Host’s referral link, in fact some very popular hosts have proven to be poor hosts with unsteady servers. So the first thing you do is to seek for the opinion/advice of people that has hosted their blog or website on the same server. This is the best info you can get! You can do this by starting a survey-like topic on any popular forum in your location say Nairaland forum or digital point Forum.
  2. Test the Host’s customer care: Yes you can do this without letting them know. I have hosted my website on numerous web hosts and I can confidently tell you how sad and bad it can be when you have a poor customer care service from your host. Too many times you shall encounter many problems with your website/blog and the Host’s customer care should give you a lasting solution and sometimes no other person will solve the problem except your host. So now I guess you have a picture of what a poor customer service can be. Some of the problems that can give you sleepless nights include: Misconfiguring your admin files and trying to restore an old backup, server down which makes your site unreachable, used up bandwidth which temporarily shuts down your site, CPanel issues, etc.
    I once hosted my site on a Server that now parades himself as one of the best Hosts in Nigeria (name withheld) and I saw hell which ended in the permanent expiration of one of my sites without any notification from the host.
  3. Compare Price and feature: You need to get whatever you want at the best price. Back then in 2009, I blindly hosted a website on Yahoo! Web Hosting at a whooping $7.95 per month! Am not like saying Yahoo hosting isn’t good but take this as my personal experience with them. I actually taught I would get a one thousand and one unique thing from this host until I finally realised that there are other Hosts that are not only better than them but also cheaper! I switched to BlueHost at $3.95 per month and I got a nice CPanel and a lot more feature and free ad vouchers! I have also used Nigerian Syskay Hosting which I liked most out of all the Nigerian hosts that I have used.
    Please don’t be blinded by the cheap price. Also check the features they give you at that price.  I advise you to start with at least 2 MySQL, 2GB Bandwidth and 500MB disk for a micro blog or micro site. You can upgrade this at any time and you can upgrade to unlimited bandwidth and Space as time goes on.

Once you have implemented this FREE advice/post that I have shared with you, you will certainly see the beginning of your joy in site building and blogging.


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  • A very good guide to choose the best web hosting service provider. It will be useful for the beginners who wants to know what to look for in a web host.