Some time ago, i tried rebuilding an old WordPress blog and surprisingly I had over 3,000 SPAM comments primarily because my Akismet plug-in was out of date. Also the comment notifications from the 3K + comments filled my mail inbox but I managed to empty that inbox with a single click. The problem then was how to free my WordPress dashboard from those annoying 3,000 plus unwanted comments!

I googled for help and someone suggested I empty the comments per 20 i.e deleting per page. That was so burdensome! I did it a few times and I realised that I had to delete over and over again for about 300 times!

I contacted another WP expert and he advised me to you can run this in PHPMyAdmin:

delete from wp_comments where comment_approved = ’spam’;

The above will work but its so geeky and you must back up your database first before carrying it out to avoid a fatal misconfiguration! I wouldn’t even recommend this to a normal WordPress blogger.

The easiest way/plug-in that bulk deletes all your comments by a single click

Frankly, my problem with how to edit Spam comments ceased when I discovered this WordPress plug-in that Mymobnet! is in no way affiliated to, it is called Bulk comments management.

This plug-in as pictured will handle all the PHP things for you and delete/trash all your unwanted comments after you hit that button.

delete bulk comments WordPress
delete bulk comments WordPress

I shall not continue to praise it until you give it a try! To install it, search for Bulk comments management in the Add New Plug-in field of your WordPress Dashboard. Then go to the Tools  tab of your Dash board and select it to manage your bulk comments, that’s all!

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