Many internet users really want and love to own a website/blog but they don’t know how to go about acquiring one and hosting it and all that…this article is what you need if you have ever dreamed of being a blogger or webmaster yourself!

With my wealth of experience on this subject, many of Mymobnet! Readers will certainly be privileged to read this post/advice at no charge from me and I shall soon tell you why this post is basically FREE and not sold as an E-book.

Do you want to own a blog?

Mymobnet! -A mobile and Technology blog
Mymobnet! -A mobile and Technology blog

Yes, you do, since you have read this far. I first thought of owning my first website and I actualised it in June, 2005 when my first site went on air!

Now owning a website is a lot easier than you think! The first thing that discouraged me back then when I should have launched my first blog was mainly because there was ‘no’ Nigerian website hosts available then so every payment had to be made in some foreign currency. Oh that was back then and also there was no Bank cards and ATM in many countries including Nigeria! But now all those things have changed so you too can own your own blog!

Please consider my advice before you continue…

Only think of owning a site/blog if you love the topic you want to blog about: Yes, you must have noticed that accessing my blog posts and other additional services from Mymobnet! Is basically free, why FREE? Because I love doing it! You too should, if you don’t, why own a blog or website?

If you are NEW to blogging or website design, please start with a Free blogging platform: This is very important if you don’t want to go into blogging blindly and perhaps losing your money by the process. The good news is that many web hosts gives you a free platform to host your own blog on their server for FrEe! I started with this myself and many professional bloggers once managed a free blog. This free hosting of blogs usually gives you a free domain name as a sub-domain that is yourdomain.***.com  -*** representing the root domain of your free Host. Many of these free hosts lets you backup your site and host it on another server as your own full domain. The most popular of free hosts are Google Blogger and WordPress

Now you can proceed…

Now do these to own your own blog/website!

  1. Get a unique domain name: Think of your website/blog name AKA Domain name which must be unique i.e not already registered by another person. Once you crack a name, search it at whois by visiting Whois will tell you if your domain name is available or taken. Please choose a name that is not too long, a 4 syllable name is preferred by me!
  2. Choose a website Host: Your Web host provides a remote high-powered servers or computer that stores the blog files. You may have problem choosing a web host based locally in your country say Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, India, etc. or a foreign host say in UK, Australia or the U.S. Each of them have their merits and disadvantage. I started my own site(s) with a Nigerian Host(s) before I moved this blog to an European/U.S server. You wanna know why? I will post that some other time. Your local host will accept your bank card and currency so you should consider that. But if you have problem making payments with foreign currency for a foreign host, you can contact me. 
  3. Build your site: A good web host with 24/7 customer support will guide you in building you baby site. Write great posts and post them live for all to read.

If you need someone to host, and design your company or personal website/blog, do not hesitate to contact me!