This is good news to all those who want a neat download of 2go Messenger and installation in their Android phone! Now you can download the APK installation file of 2go Messenger to your Android device.

For many months now, our former post on 2go Messenger download has helped not a few people install the IM app to their mobile devices, but it was not without its problems. Some of Mymobnet! readers complained on compatibility issues. I tried resolving this issue with the old 2go download from by advising them to download the 2go installation file made for HTC Android V3.05 phones. It worked for most people and I successfully installed it in my Samsung Galaxy duo and Tecno n7. Even with this, I hated the 2go the more, after all am not a 2go freak. I disliked this old java-like app because of its poor User Interface.

The new 2go Messenger for Android phones

Download 2go for Android
Download 2go for Android

This new APK installation file for 2go interactive messenger is presently available in Google Playstore! Yes it is still in its beta versions but its far sleeker than the old downloads.

The 2go Messenger for Android is still in its Version 1 point(s)…This pretty new app is beautiful to behold. One can now easily switch to other tabs like active chats and Public chats at ease!

However, a lot of bugs still need to be fixed and we hope subsequent versions will be able to run in the background with signing in the User any time the application is opened.

How to download 2go messenger to your Android phone

Download and installation of 2go Messenger is as easy as a b c with this new app. Just point your mobile browser to and select the Google PlayStore link to download and install or search the Playstore app for 2go to install on your phone, and that’s it!


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