Do you want to root your Android phone and you are looking for the easiest way to root your phone? This post is for you. You can now root your Samsung Galaxy nexus, Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3, HTC and Motorola Android phones and many more…!

Before you begin rooting your phone, you may wonder what exactly rooting your Android phone means. Rooting your phone means obtaining the root access or super administrative power of your phone. Rooting your device gives you control over your ROM and allow you to install or run some apps that will not be run by the ordinary phone.

Because there are some risks associated with rooting your device, risks like loosing your warranty, getting a digital watermark on your device, malwares and the rest of them, I candidly advice my readers to think about this carefully before rooting your device. You may go on to google out what rooting your device means in detail before doing it. Of course I AM not responsible for whatever action you take. I will only guide you on how to root your device by re-directing you to experts on it, I mean a guideline that is not original by me but has worked for many Android users.

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