Many Android users are not aware that (some of) their Android device has 3G capability or that they can turn off or disable the 3G feature of their Android phone. Learning this simple procedure is very important because 3G has its own demerits like consumption of power and unsteady network in a poor 3G covered area. Those experiencing this may surf the net better with EGDE or 2G coverage. On the other hand, 3G network for internet is superb for browsing at high speed making it suitable for downloading heavy files, watching/listening to live streaming media, etc.

How to enable or disable 3G service in an Android device

enable or disable 3G on Android phone
enable or disable 3G on Android phone

To enable/disable the 3G service of your Android mobile device, simply go to:

Settings>>Wireless & Networks (More…)>>Mobile networks>>3G service>>Enable 3G

Once you follow the menus as shown above, after clicking on the Enable 3G menu, there you shall be given the option to enable or turn off the 3G service. Please refer to the screenshot.

Once you turn off the 3G service, it takes about 10 seconds for your phone to turn off the mobile network and search and switch to the 2G service. Same thing occurs when you switch on your 3G service.

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