Facebook recently published the Timeline link and app to Facebook mobile site users.

The Timeline feature which faced not a little privacy violation criticism in early 2012 when we first wrote about it now changes the user Profile to a page that exposes the account holder’s activities from his very second of using Facebook. The picture displayed below is a shot of one of Mymobnet!‘s account that started operation on 2008


Reacting to this new development, many users we spoke with said plainly that they don’t feel comfortable with the public display of their activities that have been long forgotten. One of them, a member of the Batch C Corps Members of the NYSC told us plainly that “Facebook is no longer secured…”

However, we at Mymobnet! love Facebook timeline! What is the Facebook status update and activity log meant for if not for public viewing? Users still have the option of deleting any of their activity that affects their privacy in an unfavourable way.

Enjoy the evolving Facebook!

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