Akpors younger sister who is still in her teens got pregnant. Papa akpors was so furious, he asked him; Akpors, who did this to your sister ? I said; Papa how i take know, am I her monitor?
Papa akpors then asked his sister who was responsible for the pregnancy.
At first, she refused to talk but after a while, she opened up and said the truth that the pregnancy belonged to a rich famous chief.

Papa akpors called the chief over to the house and they sat down to discuss the matter. Papa akpors said; Chief, i heard you are responsible for the pregnancy my daughter is carrying.

The chief said; You are right, that is true, let me add this, if she gives birth to a male child, i will give you 5million naira with a furnished flat. If she gives birth to a female child, i will give you 2million naira and a bungalow. If she gives birth to twins, i will give you 10million naira with a duplex but if she gets a miscarriage. Papa akpors interrupted; You will have to
sleep with her again! 😀

funny joke
funny joke