This write up does not intend to be an extensive  review of Samsung galaxy duos pro, but a quick advice to prospective buyers of the phone. Mymobnet has been testing this phone for over 3 months now.

This phone is a nice gadget for small budget consumers. Though it supports an old version of Android (2.2 Gingerbread) which unupgradeable. It is still a great phone for many Android lovers supporting a wide range of applications.

However the internal memory is very low 170mb which is worth almost

nothing. This is uncomparable to Galaxy pocket’s 1Gb internal space. With this tiny memory, be ready to download only a very insignificant fraction of android apps. Even if you install to your external card, the internal memory still get filled and many android apps can not be entirely moved to the Memory card.

Galaxy duos pro also is not rooted which
means you can hardly tweak an app to run from your external memory 🙁

The screen display is a disappointment. It makes typing more difficult and hardly fit in some applications.

But this phone is certainly a great gadget for former Java and symbian users.

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