Are you a Facebook page . Owner or a Page Administrator? Or do you intend creating a page sometime? If yes then managing your page from your mobile device is what

you can not do without.

Facebook page needs a regular updating if you want it to be interactive and if you want more unsponsored LIKEs .
I have owned a Facebook page for 4 years now and I know what it can take to update a page regularly using a PC. Yes,  I often use my PC to update Mymobnet! Facebook page but the Laptop isn’t as mobile as we thought ten years ago. What we are saying is that managing your page from a mobile device is a necessity.

Managing your Facebook page now made easier!

Of course there are a more than one way one can manage our update his Facebook page using a mobile device. One of them is to login to the mobile site of Facebook and accessing the page from it. This is one of the easiest way we know but it’s demerits includes:

1. Full Admin access is not granted via the mobile site.

  2. Posting as the name of your page may be difficult especially for those posts without any picture.

  3. Messages sent to the page can not be relied with the mobile site.

Because of these, I started searching for other ways one can mange his Facebook page from his mobile phone. The Facebook application will not help either!


The  Facebook page Manager can be next described as an extension of the Facebook mobile app.
With this application installed on your Android, iPhone and other mobile OS, the page Admin will have full access to his Facebook page. The page notifications will come sleek and handy and the admin will be able to access his page insights in a more user friendly environment.

Also this application let’s you reply messages sent to your Facebook page without a PC.

The Facebook Page Manager will make your page appear like the PC site version in your mobile device including Tablets. The app is developed by Facebook inc so it is official.

To download the app for free, search for Facebook page Manager in your Apple store, Google play store, Blackberry app world, ovi store, etc.

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  • Russell Jolliff
    May 4, 2013 3:30 am

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