Gionee is giving Africa something very great, an Android device of course that will be called Gionee CTRL V8 which is yet unreleased.

I bet you no one has heard about this phone as at the time of writing this because it has not been released to the market yet but the good news is that the phone leaked to Mymobnet! Today so I tell you that I already know how the biggest thing to come from Gionee looks and feels!

But there is a secret that I will like to share. The deal I had with Gionee Chinese representative is that I will not leak the phone’s snapshot here on Mymobnet! I wouldn’t want to break that but I promise to tell you only some of the specs of the upcoming phone and you shall promise me to tell every of your friend that you heard this first from Mymobnet!

As I said earlier on, I shall not publish the picture of Gionee V8 now. When I played with the yet-to-be-released phone, the first thing that caught my eye was Gionee V8 stylish design. The design is awesome! It has a back white cover like the Tecno n7 but far more sleek. Because I wouldn’t post the phone’s shot here, I want you to imagine a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Gionee written on it! Gionee V8 looks like a Samsung galaxy S3!

The screen display is superb with a super AMOLED display that presents a nice view from any angle I viewed it from. This means that Gionee V8 will have a great pixel density.

When I scrolled to the Settings àAbout of the phone, I was thrilled and I announce to you that Gionee V8 shall come with an Android Operating System 4.1.2 Jelly Bean!! This will be the first Jelly bean Operating System phone from Gionee and many of her Chinese rivals!

The Internal memory of Gionee CTRL V8 shall be quite impressive. The unreleased V8 that I worked with has an internal storage of 1GB in fact exactly 0.98GB. This is not bad since most apps can be moved to the expandable memory which should be up to 32GB.

We at Mymobnet! Thinks that the Price range of the phone will be in the range of N30,000 to N40,000 (Nigerian Naira) but if we get it lower than this range then it will certainly kill the popular Android brands like Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG particularly in Nigeria and India, and many other third world markets.

We shall continue to update this post with time. So save your money because something big shall soon happen in the Android market and that is the Gionee CTRL V8 !

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