We spent almost a day with the Gionee Mobile Nigeria Sales manager around all the New Gionee phones that recently rocked the nation and today, we are proud to write about the Gionee Gpad 2 (G2) Android phone with an amazing 5.3 inch screen, Jelly Bean OS and believe me we can’t praise this Phablet enough and a great price! Please go ahead to see what makes this grand device astounding!

A lot of Mymobnet! E-Magazine readers has asked me when this device will be available, am happy to announce to you that the Gionee Gpad 2 (G2) can be obtained either from your Store or by contacting Mymobnet!

Apart from the unique 5.3 inches screen, some other features of this phone like it’s battery will certainly capture your mind.

Yeah, I know you may want to buy one, but why don’t you read our specifications review of Gionee Gpad 2 (G2) before making that decision?

Hardware and Design:

Gionee Sales Manager showcases the G2 to Mymobnet! E-Magazine
Gionee Sales Manager showcases the G2 to Mymobnet! E-Magazine

The design of Gionee Gpad 2 (G2) is nice. The 5.3 inch screen and the huge 145*73*9.9mm size may not appeal to the taste of some Mobile users, but the rounded edge design is sleek and fits firmly into your palm though it is undoubtedly large. Peradventure you buy this phone, you will get used to the size within a short time. I personally love it. The screen displays fits web pages better than other typical devices and at a time you may think you got a Tablet in your palm!
A con of the Gionee Gpad 2 (G2) build is that the body material isn’t as durable as that of the Gionee Dream D1. But that’s not a big problem, who cares? No one is truly ready to pay extra cash just for a body change.

Operating System:

As expected, this Gionee Gpad 2 (G2) comes with a preloaded Jelly Bean 4.1. Anything less than a Jelly Bean OS is now declared obsolete by Mymobnet! from now on…The OS of Gionee Gpad 2 (G2) isn’t bad at all.


We have already commented on the 5.3 inch screen which easily adapts to large page sizes than other devices. This is an advantage to the phone.

But the sad part is that the user will pay for the extra inches added with a very poor resolution of the phone! The resolution of the G2 is 950*540. We are here to tell you that this is a very poor resolution for a 5.3’’ device. To demonstrate what we mean, the 4.8’’ Gionee E3 and Tecno Phantom A1 respectively boasts of a nice resolution of 1280 X 720 HD while this 5.3’’ only have 950 X 540.  Also, you will not get your favourite AMOLED display in this G2 but it comes with the IPS which is just a modification of the LCD display. In case you don’t know, IPS (In-plane switching) is a screen technology used for liquid crystal displays (LCDs).

Gionee Mobile is a world class manufacturer, they understands what quality means but when you consider the price of this GPad2, you would know that the device is one of the greatest devices that has hit the market this time.


When you talk about Speed, you talk about Gionee. Unlike some other manufacturers, they are not stingy with giving their consumers what they need and want when it comes to speed. Just like any other high end device of Gionee, the Processor and speed of the G2 is Quad core with a 1.2GHz processor speed!  We can’t help but to congratulate them once again for this height. We love speed at Mymobnet!


Gionee Sales Manager showcases the G2 back to Mymobnet! E-Magazine
Gionee Sales Manager showcases the G2 back to Mymobnet! E-Magazine

The camera of the G2 is 8MP Auto Focus which is getting common among the droids in the market. 8MP is cute and takes a high resolution images that can be neatly printed on paper, you will love it. The front camera this time stepped up to 2MP making it better than the Dream D1’s camera. The LED Flash at the back is great also and can illuminate a totally dark room.

You don’t have to worry about the Video Recording because its HD as expected, go on and capture the beautiful world as much as you can!


The internet is excellent. A 3.5G connection with a WI-FI is what we see in it. You can connect your other gadgets and PCs with your favourite WI-FI hotspot.

Bluetooth is 4.0 with A2DP.


Now we look at the battery which is the most impressive thing we can see in this phone. Guess what? This Dual SIM device boasts of a 3000mAh battery making it outstanding/unique in the market!


Last but not the least is the price. You may get the G2 at about N35K at the normal stores but we sell N32K at Mymobnet! for now. Hurry and get yours when now!