As we promised to keep our readers updated with the information and rumours around the Technology world especially in the leaked series, we are pleased to announce to you that it has leaked to Mymobnet!’s ears that Gionee is planning to release something big into the market soon, it’s an Android

phone and it shall be called Gionee Infinix G1. You can call it a rumour but remember that you heard it first from Mymobnet!

Anyway although this Gionee Infinity G1 is yet unreleased by Gionee, don’t take it as a rumour because we have sophisticated Androids that spy this companies and they tweet back to us relevant info! If you don’t really know what to do with your money, save it for this Gionee Infinity G1 for it’s gonna be big when it hits the stores!

This is the limited picture of the Gionee G1 that leaked to us:

Gione Infinty G1 Android phone
Gione Infinty G1 Android phone

As stated earlier on, this Gionee Infinity G1 is yet unreleased so we can’t state for a 100% certainty what the specs must be but we here at Mymobnet! Blog are almost certain it will have these specifications and features listed below:

Gionee Inifinity G1 Android phone Features and Specifications:

Operating System:                       Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Network/Data:                  3G/2G

WLAN:                                  WI-FI-802.11 a/b/n

Bluetooth:                           YES

Display:                                4.65 inch AMOLED display

Resolution:                         480*320 HVGA

Dimension:                          68*114.5*11.8mm of size

Camera:                                8.0MP primary and 1MP secondary, 720P HD video recording.

Processor:                           1.3GHz Quad core with cortex-A7 CPU

RAM:                                     1GB

Memory:                              4GB ROM + up to 32GB expandable

GPS:                                       Yes

Sensor:                                 G-sensor, Proximity sensor and Light sensor

Compass:                             Digital compass

SIM Card:                             Dual SIM

Battery:                                About 2300mAh

The Price of this Gionee Infinity G1 will be about N35K or more or less when it hits the stores.

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