For some time now, Google and their Google Africa Team have been working assiduously hard to introduce a set of ‘promising’ African languages to its Translation project. Those languages are: Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Zulu and Somali.

Presently about 70 languages exists in the site and these move by Google will help to further internationalise the mentioned Sub-Saharan languages thereby prolonging its longetivity rate before final extinction.

Africans all around the world received the news with great joy. The first 3 languages alone are Nigerian with almost 200 million speakers. This on its own will greatly increase the number of people that access Google’s translation site.

Google translate to add Hausa, Igbo, Somalia, Yoruba and Zulu

Soon fluent speakers of the said languages shall be called upon to help rate and improve the auto translations as done by the Google machine, hope you will be there to help!