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HBD Akpors! Funny Nigerian Jokes

Akpors got a message from his girl friend on his birthday. Message Reads:
”HBD Boo….LLNP,LYS M TTYL” …. Akpors provoked and called her phone…

”Kate what is the meaning of HBD LLNP and Those rubbish…?”

Kate replied Haaa Akpors don’t tell me you are this dumb…..and local Oh My Gooosh,you don’t even know the meaning of HBD
and all that Mtchwwwwww. Well, HBD means ”Happy Birthday”,LLNP means ”LongIife
Nd prosperity” LYSM means “Love You so much” and TTYL means”Talk to you later”
dumbass. Akpors (angrily) ends the call and sent her a text message 2mins later, Message
reads: TFY Kate
Kate called immediately, “Akpors what is the
meaning of TFY?” Akpors answered “Oh u don’t even know common TFY?” After much laugh Akpos replied TFY
means: “Thunder fire you

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