Yes I got an idea of how much we love games. Today I checked my ancient Yahoo! Profile and guess what? I discovered that I in 2004 added one gaming website as one of my (favourite) personal website! I didn’t own that site, I have only attempted building an online gaming site in June 2005 which was not very successful because it was only a Mario thing and my visitors got tired of the then Macromedia incompability issues with those ancient Internet Explorer browsers in Cafe and so on so I decided to shut it down. Today I stumbled upon a nice online gaming site called and it quickly refreshed my lost memories of those days!

Yes, not many of us will know Miniclip and for the few that know, I wonder how many were as addicted as i was to the games in the site then! Then I would buy I hour browsing credit just to wait for a whole hour for one game in to download! Yes, this is literally true! The browsing speed then was nothing to write home about. Sometimes we did 966nytes/Second sometimes it gets very fast up to 1.2 Kb/Sec and even up to 3Kb/Sec ! There was the classic but crashy Internet Explorer. Initially there was practically no Firefox browser. The Macromedia Flash plug-in for browsers (now Adobe Flash) always had one or two issues and so on…But against all these odds, I would wait for only 1 game in to load….! up to 100% Sometimes, I would log off my time and allow it load in background!

The good news is that… is still one of the best free and guaranteed spot for your online gaming! As a matter of fact I just finished my favourite Snake Squad Hit’em up game and Oops! I got a 2140 total score..and that’s not too good any way.

Free online games -Miniclip
Free online games -Miniclip

Ok I will make a better score next time.

If you love games like I do, the google free online games or just go straight to!