How To view or check data balance on iPad.

To get a solution first of all you have to identify the problem. I have an iPad and was faced with the same problem. I`ll try to help you as best as

How to check data balance on your Apple iPad
How to check data balance on your Apple iPad

I can.

For the iPad you need to first get a micro SIM. A regular SIM that has been cut to fit the iPad SIM tray works but you would not be able to view you data usage without you removing it and putting it on a regular phone.

First plan of action go to your nearest Network provider experience center, swap your sim for a micro sim which will cost you about N150. Then you can follow the next steps to view your data balance on your iPad.



  1. Click settings on your iPad
  2.  Click mobile data 
  3.  Click sim applications  
  4. Click data services  
  5. Click check balance

I will advice you to do this first at your network provider (say Etisalat) experience center so if you have issues they can help. But if you follow these steps all should be sorted. Hope this was helpful to all. Thank you.

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