I recently got my big SIM card cut and reduced to the tiny nano/micro SIM card and I wish to share with you how it was simply cut.

Anyway the SIM card in question was given to me at my work place for my phone that still has the macro SIM slot but I changed my mind and want to use it rather in my Tablet that supports only nano SIM slot.

Today, many phone manufacturers prefer the nano SIM to the conventional macro SIM card as modern devices crave to get thinner and slimmer than ever before. I shared my story because I feel you may have faced similar situation where you want to use your macro SIM card in another device with only a micro SIM slot.

How to cut your macro SIM card to small nano SIM
Before, I thought cutting SIM will prove to be a bit difficult because of the precision the SIM is cut to but it isn’t.

You can cut your SIM by either acquiring a handy machine called SIM cutter or pay someone else to do it for you.
However, I advice that you rather go to your network provider Customer care centre to get your SIM cut as SIM card trays and sizes varies across different providers and every customer care has a SIM cutter that fits their SIM the most.

After your SIM may have been cut, keep the other cut off SIM body safe because it serves as converter Peradventure you want to insert your now micro SIM in a phone with only macro SIM slot.

Goodluck! If you have any issued, do not hesitate to contact Mymobnet!