Domain names or website Address or URL comes with various extensions, the most popular and some of the cheapest being .com, .org, .info, etc. But there are other regionalised domain name extensions that seeks to identify the sites country of origin. Examples are the popular,,, etc. representing the United Kingdom, South Africa and India respectively. Nigeria, as usual is so blest to own one of the most highly sought after site extension in the world, this extension is the .ng URL extension.

Nigeria’s .ng shall soon be the most popular because almost all the English verbs ends with a ng, many company products and brands end with an ng and likewise many names. So wouldn’t it be fun and wise to obtain a unique site that its extension completes the name of your site as some shortened URL do? Microsoft has just acquired this Nigerian extension for the company’s Bing Search engine which can now be accessed through Finish! You too can acquire your special Nigerian domain name extension now like,,, etc.

How to get a .ng domain name for your site.

A lot of special registrars can help you register your .ng domain name. In fact the Nigerian agency indirectly responsible for the registering of .ng domain names, NiRA has slashed the price to still an expensive price of N15, 000 or $94 per year instead of the normal N2,700 or even $15 for .com, .org, etc. registrations. NiRA is an independent not-for-profit organization that manages the .ng country code Top Level Domain(ccTLD) name space in the public interest of Nigeria and global internet communities. Mymobnet! still wonders how ‘not-for-profit’ this Nigerian agency can be!

NiRA ng domain registration
NiRA ng domain registration

NiRA stands for Nigerian internet Registration Association.

You can get first level names like or second level like

Contact your Web host if they offer .ng domain registration or see our next post on NiRA accredited Registrars.

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