Do you want to take a screen shot or capture the picture on your Android device screen? Here’s the easiest and quickest way of doing it!

Many people have searched for the workable way of taking a saving a screenshot of their phone and alas! No solution seems to work! Almost all the screenshot applications on Google Playstore works only on rooted phones except very few unrooted devices like the Tecno n7.

How to take a Screenshot of your Android phone without any Application

My Phantom A1 screenshot

The good news is that Android devices has a factory installed software and hardware that lets you capture the screen of your device without an external app! Many don’t know about this so they have ended up installing as many screenshot apps as they could.

To take a screenshot of your Android device, simply:

Press the power key + the Down volume key.


Press the power key + the HOME button

Either of them should work on your device.

CAUTION: This works for only Android 4.0 ICS Operating System and above!