Many of us are not unfamiliar with Mosquitoes. The present News now is that many mobile applications claim to be able to repel the mosquitoes around us. I use and test some of these anti mosquito applications for Android and other platforms. The big quest is: Does these Ultrasonic Mosquito apps work? If YES, How do they work?  We shall try to provide an answer to these questions.

How ultrasonic anti Mosquito Mobile application is meant to work:

The ultrasonic Mosquito repellent applications also known as Electronic Mosquito Repellent, has some wonderful and seemingly feasible hypothesis behind it. It makes use of a principle I will call here Biomimicry .

The Mosquito repellent application causes your mobile or radio device to emit or produce high frequency sounds that may be undetectable by some adult’s ears. These high pitched sounds (My own repellent app transmits at the range of 14kHz to 20kHz are said to mimic the sound of natural mosquito predators like bats and dragonfly thereby scaring mosquitoes away from within the transmission range!

This is a certainly great idea and will save a lot of money if proved successful in any way.

The bad news is that this said underlying principle has its criticisms by scientists and researchers alike. Many of them don’t think this idea works. But we have other sides of the story which I leave for my next post.

I myself engaged in the study of this principle. In case you don’t know, am a professional theoretical and applied physicist.

So our next post will deal on if sonic Mosquito repellent apps really works! Stay tuned by Liking our Facebook page and following  @Mymobnet.

Anti Mosquito Android apps
Anti Mosquito Android apps

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