Yes, we don’t expect Apple to drop new iPhones this fast but because of the huge gap between the latest iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy SIV, loyal iPhone customers want a new iPhone this quick. “Give us a new iPhone!” they yell 🙂

There are indications that Apple will launch a new phone called iPhone 5S later this year or even next month but the date isn’t sure yet.

We also expect Tim Cook to release a new Apple OS that is iOS7 together with the new iPhone. This is mainly because Apple must match the Jelly Bean 4.1 of Android if they still love being at the top of the game and iOS6 has become obsolete these days.

We don’t know what the design of the new iPhone will look like. Will it take a new shape? Bigger screen perhaps 4.5″?…? Users are getting tired with 4″ iPhone since Android showed the world how fun a larger screen device can be.

The picture of the iPhone 5S below is  a property of CNET and Sarah Tew. Have a look at it:

Iphone 5S
Iphone 5S
Photo: CNET/Sarah Tew