I was just wondering what it will be like if we had another world to run to with our pets and loved ones in case if this green planet is eventually consumed by the World power’s enormous stock of Nuclear powered bombs!

Any way that sounds like fiction but it is true that Iranian scientists successfully sent a fine looking monkey to space last month, 28 of January I learnt precisely. The said rocket Pishtam flew up to a height of 72 miles or 120 kilometers!

What do you think about that? It sounds fun! Tehran actually some about two years earlier (2010) launched into space a rocket boarding a mouse, turtle and worms to space! This sounds interesting one more time.Guess they had a wonderful trip.

The world’s major concern now is that Iran may be looking for a possible way of creating more precise long-range missiles armed with nuclear warheads from it’s space program.

Iran is currently battling with it’s nuclear programme the EU seeks to hold talk with her this February.

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