How much of #Android do you know? We shall provide below a full list of all the available versions of Android Operating system from the first time of release.

Many lovers of Android today are only modern generation users. Some of us only started with Gingerbread 2.3 while many others first got to know the Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. Frankly speaking, I hated Android before the release of the Gingerbread OS, but one thing was certain to me: The future of Android OS was and is very bright. Then I loved the Windows Mobile platform even more than the iOS.

The picture below will give us a fascinating view of all the known Android platform releases till date and their year of release!

Android versions

List of all the known versions of Android Operating System plus year of release

  1. Alpha 09/2008
  2. Beta 02/2009
  3. Cupcake 04/2009 Version 1.5
  4. Donut 09/2009 Version 1.6
  5. Eclair 10/2009 with sub versions 2.0, 2.1
  6. Froyo 5/2010 Version 2.2
  7.  Gingerbread 12/2010 with sub versions 2.3; 2.3.2; 2.3.3; 2.3.7
  8. Honeycomb 02/2011 with sub versions 3.1; 3.2
  9. Icecream Sandwich 10/2011 with sub versions 4.0.3; 4.0.4
  10. Jellybean 08/2012 with sub versions 4.1.X; 4.2.X; 4.3.X
  11. Kitkat 09/2013 Version 4.4, Etc.

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