Today we shall be looking at how to improve the battery life of our mobile devices. You may have observed that your battery doesn’t last up to the factory specified period. This article will make your phone battery last far more than the manufacturer’s specification. This is no exaggerating.

What you shall read now can be applied to PC, Laptop, tablets like iPad and other gadgets.

Screen Brightness: From the many devices tested by Mymobnet! we understand that very bright screen is a major ‘drainer’ of battery. We advice that you adjust your phone brightness a little below normal. Note that very bright screen strains the eye.

Temperature: Keep your mobile device away from direct source of heat like Sun or fire. If your battery gets hot while charging remove the cover  for proper ventilation. Watch out for

the improvement in your phone battery life.

Disable Wireless:  Wireless networks sucks your battery dry like nothing else. When ever your Bluetooth, wifi, GPS, Infra red and the rest of them is not in use, please do turn it off. Go to your Connection settings to disable them. This alone will greatly improve your battery life.

Running Application: Make sure you close any application that is running in background. Don’t just use the red end key to close your running programs, but use the exit option.

Screen Timeout: Set your screen time out to the minimum say less than 40 seconds. After this set time, your screen will turn black if idle.

Disable 3G, HSPDA (3.5) or 4G LTE: Mymobnet! readers must take note of this one. For those of us that use high end devices that supports 3G or more broadband, many may not know that these high speed connections makes the battery work more than normal. If you are not downloading any large file or streaming media, Mymobnet! advices that you set your internet connection to 2G ALWAYS. This will let you browse with EDGE and GPRS about 1 – 300kb/s

Disable auto sync and auto updates: If auto sync is enabled, your device automatically synchronises your social networks like Facebook and Twitter in real time. This makes social networking fun but at the expense of the battery life and it is the major thing that drains Blackberry battery. We advice that you occasionally turn this feature on for syncs. Auto updates automatically updates the system software and installed apps. This feature must be turned off if you want your battery to last ten times longer. Manual update is preferable.

Vibration: The last but not the least is vibration. Turning your vibration alert feature can be useful especially if you often stay in an open or noisy place. But if not, turn it totally off to make your battery last longer.

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