Waleed's $4.8 Million car

Al Waleed Bin Talal is one of the richest men in the world with an estimated net worth of $28.7 billion dollars. He belongs to the Saudi royal family and the grand son of Saudi Arabia founder Ibn Saud.

According to Wikipedia:

“Al-Waleed owns the

85.9-meter (282 ft) yacht
Kingdom 5KR , originally built as the “Nabila”
for Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi. The
yacht posed as the Flying Saucer, the yacht
of James Bond villain Largo in the film Never
Say Never Again. It was later sold to Donald
Trump , who renamed her Trump Princess.
Al-Waleed bought back the yacht after
Trump’s second bankruptcy.

He has ordered a new yacht currently known
as the New Kingdom 5KR which will be
about 173 meters (557 ft) long and carries an
estimated cost of over $500 million. The
yacht is rendered by Lindsey Design and was
delivered in late 2010.

Al Waleed owns several aircraft, all converted
for private use: a Boeing 747 , an Airbus 321
and a Hawker Siddeley 125 . Also on order is
an Airbus A380 , the world’s largest
passenger aircraft, which is scheduled for
delivery in 2012.This has been noted
in the 2009 Guinness World Records as the
largest private jet in the world.

Al Waleed also owns more than 200 cars,
including Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis,
Ferraris etc.

Among his many assets are: a 95 percent
stake in Kingdom Holding Company; 91
percent ownership of Rotana Video & Audio
Visual Company; 90 percent ownership of
LBC SAT; 7 percent ownership of News
Corporation; about 6 percent ownership of
Citigroup ; and 17 percent ownership of Al
Nahar and 25 percent ownership of Al Diyar,
two daily newspapers published in Lebanon.
In addition to his 63rd place ranking on the
Forbes Billionaire List in 2011, Prince Al-
Waleed topped the first Saudi Rich List issued
in 2009, with a fortune of $16.3bn.”

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