Perhaps the hottest deal on air now is Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Nokia mobile for the large and worthwhile price of €5.44bn (£4.61bn). In this singular move, Microsoft’s retiring boss, Steve Ballmer thinks this is the company’s best way of dominating the mobile market that is already occupied by Apple and Google.

On a sad note, Nokia phone’s boss Risto Siilasmaa said that “The industry is becoming a duopoly with the leaders building significant financial momentum. Nokia alone doesn’t have the resources to fund the required acceleration.” This in effect means that Apple and Google have grown so powerful and financially strong that Nokia alone can not break them.

Microsoft acquires Nokia phone business

On the 5th of April, 2013, I foresaw and predicted this present Nokia/Windows crisis when I wrote:

Sometime last year we heard and saw what sounded like the resurrection of the once famous mobile Operating System, The Windows Mobile OS now Windows Phone. But the year 2013 seem to have quenched all the tingles of this OS from Microsoft especially after the release of Nokia Lumnia devices last year. All we hear today is Android, Android and Android! So the question we ask is: Has the Windows phone come to stay? Will it survive the unpredictable Market filled with Android, Blackberry and iPhones…full link here

Now that Microsoft has acquired Nokia phone business, we keep our fingers crossed here at Mymobnet! as we watch and awaits what will unfold in the near fure of the mobile and Technology world!

But wait, why won’t Nokia join the trend to produce Android phones like HTC, Sony and LG?