I recently updated my WordPress mobile Application for Android phone to the latest version and believe me it’s worth it!

In case you don’t know, WordPress mobile Application for is an Android version of the WordPress blog app for bloggers on the WordPress platform which lets the user manage his blog easily from a mobile phone or Tablet.

Some month’s back I posted an article on WordPress for Android application and those that saw the post can remember great the screenshot of the app looked but believe me it looks old and archaic now with this new WordPress for Android app.

The first thing that will catch your eye is the WordPress mobile Application for Android new seamless User Interface. The new UI is so smooth that I see nothing to liken it to than the new Windows Phone Operating System. It’s so smooth and moves with any gesture you make. We are yet to see it crash though this has something to do with the RAM and Processor of your device. You can compare its design to the Facebook Pager manager for Android but the WordPress app is by far easier to use and faster to load.


WordPress for android
WordPress for android

If you love WordPress like we do and you Love Android devices like we do too, please do not hesitate to download or update your WordPress mobile Application for Android now by searching for WordPress in your Google play Store.