Back then in 2006 we heard of a possible change in the mode of broadcasting worldwide. June 17, 2015 is said to be a day of global revolution in broadcasting.

Nigeria and most developing countries yet broadcast on analogue transmission. With analogue transmission, signals from the TV stations like NTA Channel 5 Lagos or Channel 6 Aba is transmitted via radio waves which are then picked up by aerials and sent down to receiver in our TV set to be converted into moving pictures and sound respectively. This we learn from

our ordinary level Physics.

However, this ancient analogue mode of transmission has it’s great demerits including:
1. It is not High Definition: This means that we can not expect a high quality picture and sound from this technology. We can all testify of this every time we turn the position of our aerials to get a clearer picture and sound with little noise in both the live picture and audio.

* Poor coverage: Analogue transmission hovers only some few hundreds of kilometer around the transmission base. This is why a Television set situated in Ankpa, Kogi State will hardly pick a signal from NTA Abuja and a TV set in Lagos, Lagos State will not see any signal from Ilorin, Kwara State.
Their other draw backs of Analogue transmission like the cost of installation and maintenance.

Because of all these the whole world under the umbrella of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 2006 at Geneva signed a treaty known as GE06 which adjures it’s member countries to switch over to Digital broadcasting Technology by June 17,2015.

Nigeria on her part has agreed on the deadline January 15,2015.  Commenting on this the Director General of Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) said in a conference tagged Digital Dialogue Nigeria:

If Nigeria still continue with analogue by 2015, transition from neighbouring countries like Cameroon and Ghana can intervene with Nigeria’s system and create enormous problem in the broadcast industry

My source here is Daily Independent Paper 29-1-2013

On the feasibility of this project, I personally have no doubt that it will be as successful as the introduction of GSM and ATM payment system were respectively. The major problem is the the people are poorly informed about this great transition. For example many European countries who have successfully switched over to Digital Broadcasting has made Nigeria and the third world Market a dumping ground for disposing their analogue Television sets. Unfortunately many TV sets in Nigeria will become practically useless if the Nation successfully transits to the Digital broadcasting technology.

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1 Comment.

  • Ogbeidi Precious
    April 7, 2013 1:17 pm

    The idea of welcoming digital broadcasting in nigeria and other countries would be a very good idea,it would mean that these countries are ready to take a giant step and welcome in digital broadcasting rather than using analogue transmission and keep it safe.

    Ogbeidi Precious,
    Caleb University Imota Lagos.