Nokia has announced a soon to be officially released Nokia Asha 501 in the popular Asha series. We have seen the detailed specifications and features plus the price as released by Nokia and this is our review of this brand new eye-charming Nokia Asha 501.

Operating System:     The Asha series isn’t new in the market. Nokia wants to popularise her S40 platform with this Nokia Asha 501. The Asha 501 runs on the Asha Operating system, a unique OS designed mainly for the Asha series and with a unique User Interface. Generally the Asha OS is easy to operate and no kind of Technical configuration is needed to fully enjoy this Asha 501 Nokia phone.

Display: The display of Nokia Asha 501 is ironically what any Nokia Asha phone buyer will love. Generally Nokia Asha fans are neither big fans of a large screen display size or a great picture resolution. So the Nokia Asha 501 satisfies her consumers with a 3 inch screen with a great but now obsolete TFT LCD screen display and a low but acceptable resolution of 240 X 320. So on the average, a fan of Nokia Asha smart phone will cherish his/her new colourful Nokia Asha 501.

Asha 501 thankfully has WI-FI connectivity and a Bluetooth. This is great isn’t? Now you can be very proud of your beautiful Asha 501. With WI-FI and Bluetooth, the phone user can wirelessly transfer data and even connect to the wireless internet, this is cool!

Internet: Nokia Asha 501 has no 3G! Only 2G EDGE and less! Is this an issue? Yes but not with Nokia Asha fans. Most Nokia Asha lovers are not heavy browsers so they don’t really care if its 3G or not as long as the speed is fast on the average. Its not as if Nokia forgot to put a 3G network in this phone but it’s just that there targeted customers will not really care!

RAM and Internal: The RAM of Asha 501 isn’t bad if you consider the feature range of Nokia Asha phones. But it isn’t something we love or will recommend. Asha 501 has a poor 64MB RAM. The internal storage isn’t great either. We learnt that its 128MB although Nokia is a bit secretive about this. Anyway you can supplement this storage with the free 4GB SD accessory or use up to a 32GB MMC.


The camera of Asha 501 is the type that will not disappoint you whenever you want to take a picture especially in a well illuminated environment. Its comes with a 3.2MP with flash and auto-focus feature. The video recording is the low frame rate of just a QVGA. It will make a not bad video for re-play in mobile and PCs.

Design: The design of Nokia Asha 501 is superb! It has different colour variants; you just have to make a choice! You can choose from Bright Red, Bright Green, Cyan, Yellow, White, to Black. This is great and the ladies will certainly love some of these bright and colourful colours!

Nokia Asha 501
Nokia Asha 501

Sensors: Proximity, Accelerometer –Just only this two!


The media player unlike many other players in other platforms can play comfortably these formats: MP3, WMA, AAC, and WAV We love it that it can play both mp3 and WMA! This is about the most popular audio formats.

The Video player supports the following extensions with their respective codecs: AVC, Mpeg4, WMV, 3GPP. These little extensions for the video aren’t too good and not manageable. But the Asha fans may not care at all!

SIM: Single SIM and dual SIM variant.

Battery: The greatest and best thing about this Nokia Asha 501 isn’t the design or some other thing, but the battery!!! And great batteries are unique with Nokia phones! Android lovers will not like that their batteries cannot match this Nokia’s!

Nokia Asha 501 has a 1200mAh Li-ion battery with a whooping 17 hours of talk time and 1152 hours for Single-SIM, 624 hours for Dual-SIM


Price: The price range will be from N16, 000 to N17, 000 and about Rs. 6, 000

Mymobnet! Comment: We wouldn’t say that Nokia Asha 501 isn’t a great phone especially considering the fact that the phone isn’t meant to appease the techie or geeky audience. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone at that price range anyway but the phone is simply cool. You don’t want to recommend and technology packed device to someone who isn’t really interested or to someone who just need to play some Mp3 and update his social network profiles, do you?