Hello Everybody! We sometime ago told you about the Android Jellybean 4.3 Yea! Report reaching Mymobnet! E-Magazine is that another new Android Operating system is on the way, this new OS shall be called the KitKat, that sounds nice, doesn’t it? You want to know when to expect it?

Android 4.4 OS KitKat

The truth remains that the Android OS Team and Developers are there and committed to provide to Android lovers a stable Android Operating System. We ran a discourse last time with some Mymobnet! Enthusiasts and we stated it clear that we have not got a stable Android OS yet, not even one is qualified for that. We aren’t saying that the Kitkat shall be perfect but here at Mymobnet! blog, we sincerely welcome newer Android OS, who doesn’t love innovation here? As for now we don’t know when this Android 4.4 KitKat shall be Live on our Android devices!