Many mobile users know of Opera Browser. In fact I began using it in 2006 with my Windows mobile 2003SE device and I can’t tell of any that owned it then. Now we know for sure that Opera mobile browser for Android is a must own app for all internet users that own a droid device. Today I shall tell you about a timeless version of Opera browser known as Opera Classic!

There are truly many variants and versions of Opera browsers today like the Opera browser, Opera mini browser, Opera Next browser and the Opera Classic browser. I own and have used all of them. This article isn’t about the best Android mobile browser but if you believe the best Android browser is the Opera Browser, we write now of our most used variant of the Opera Browser known as the Opera Classic!


Opera Classic Mobile browser
Opera Classic Mobile browser

The Graphic User Interface (GUI) of this Opera Classic isn’t that different from the typical Opera browser except that the Start page has no auto added sponsored Speed dial/bookmark by a Network provider. In fact the Opera Classic is independent and not affiliated with any Mobile Network provider like MTN and Etisalat so you kind of manage and control the app all by yourself.


My personal experience with this classic Opera for about 7 months of using it is that:

  1. It loads faster than the others
  2. It is very stable and is not frequently updated
  3. Will barely display Google sponsored ads
  4. It hardly freezes like the other options

Having said this, I must say that I have presently 8 different browsers in my Android device but my most used browser is the Opera Classic because of the first and last points above.

To download this app to your Android device/Phone, please search for Opera Classic in your Playstore.