Today, we proudly present a new innovation to you. HelloFood, A company now based in Nigeria has taken the Android OS to a brand new and unique direction by creating a Nigerian application that lets you order any hot yummy dish or snacks from any of your favourite Nigerian restaurants (like Sweet Sensation, Kilimanjaro, etc.) simply by selecting your preferred meal from a wide range of Restaurants, all in a one invaluable and Android app and watch the meal delivered to you at the Restaurant price(!) by HelloFood food delivery service! Now you can eat like a boss! i.e Order a meal from your phone and see it delivered to you!

HelloFood Free Android application

I first got to download and learn more about this FREE and Nigerian Android application after visiting HelloFood official site: then I found out that this application is also in the Google Playstore which simply means that any Android phone of yours can install this app by simply searching for it in the Google Playstore app available in every Android device!

Since you’ve read this far, I know you certainly want to know more about this HelloFood app and how it works! You are there, let’s go!

How HelloFood Android application works

The Food delivery service via their site or this app works in only 3 simple steps. Believe me; it’s just as simple as that and no complications! All you need do is just to:

  1. Find your preferred Restaurant
  2. Choose and order your  meal
  3. Checkout and pay cash on delivery!

Now let’s break it down in the way you will love more!

  1.      Find your preferred Restaurant:
    HelloFood app Find restaurant
    With the Hellofood app, you can choose to eat from a wide range of restaurants in Nigeria with your Android phone or web! Presently Abuja and Lagos boasts of a whooping 209 world class restaurants in the Hellofood app!
  2.      Choose and order your meal:

    HelloFood menu
    The next step is to choose your preferred meal from your selected restaurant (above). Just imagine the detailed food menu of a restaurant say Mr. Biggs or Kilimanjaro before you in your HelloFood app asking you to choose a dinner! This is 100% real with the app!

  3.      Checkout and pay cash on delivery! : Now this is the last step after which you relax like a boss until HelloFood delivers your meal to your house/work place! Once you select your meal, you then checkout your order. You shall be charged the real restaurant price of the meal and you pay cash on delivery, Shekinah!

Now tell me, isn’t this cool? If you think it’s a great service or you just don’t understand the whole thing, all you MUST need to do is to download the FREE HelloFood app now!


  • Search for HelloFood (without spacing) in the Google Playstore to install.
  • Alternatively, click this link to install now!

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