• Do you know that Word press users can comfortably blog from a mobile or tablet device? Yes you can not only post new articles to your Word press blog from your phone but you can also edit your entire blog, moderate your comments and posts and many more from your mobile phone.

    I shall show you the quickest

    ways to blog from your mobile, but before I do that i must remind my readers that blogging from mobile is an experience any prolific blogger must be accustomed to. I remember when I tried accessing my Dashboard from my mobile browser some few years back (2011) and how heavy and unstable the admin panel was. It wasn’t fun at all but t he good news is that everything has now been made simple.

    How to Blog from your Mobile device using Word press blog

    1.      Using a wordpress mobile site: To know more about a mobile site for your blog I recommend my article on Mobile blogging. Now, once you have activated a mobile theme for your blog, I strongly advise you to install and activate the plug-in: WordPress mobile pack. Once you activate this plug-in, go to the plug-in settings on your Admin dashboard and enable the Mobile switcher. Mobile switcher allows you and your user to choose to view your site either in mobile mode or in Desktop mode.
    Now if you want to blog or edit your site from your mobile browser using this medium, first of all visit your home page from your mobile, scroll to your footer (bottom) and click on Switch to mobile link if it was not detected automatically. Once your site switches to mobile, go to your login board and login to see your administrator dashboard. You can alternatively do this by typing your domain name and append /wp-admin e.g. www.myudara.com/wp-admin this will point you to your admin dashboard but not the heavy JavaScript filled dash board that won’t load normally on many devices but a simple and mobile dashboard that allows you do more than the basic things with your WordPress blog. With this dashboard, you can edit add new blog post, moderate comments; edit many complicated settings of your blog, etc.
    If you want to add new post with this, you have to remember some simple html codes to edit your texts.

    2.      Use WordPress for mobile application: Word press for Mobile application is the sleekest way of managing your blog from your mobile phone and tablet. Let me tell you I am a fan of this app though I often blog from my PC. One thing you must know about Word press for Mobile application is that it is a freeware or completely free app so why don’t you try it?

    I have personally used the Word press for Mobile application for my Blackberry device and another for my Android phone. They are all almost same thing but not the same any way. The Word press for Blackberry has at least one thing different –it let you list your content without an offhand html code. But apart from that there is no other major difference. Did I tell you that the Android version is smoother and responds faster? Oh this may be because my Android is touch screen with greater RAM. Any way you should try this app.
    Word press for Mobile application has an easily accessible User Interface and writing/editing a new post from it is a marvel to behold. The app still supports a normal desktop admin Dashboard view from its integrated web browser.
    To download for Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Java, Ubuntu, Windows, etc. Search your platform store to see if it’s available at the time of search.


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