Yes we know that you may have purchased a low RAM device and you really want to make an efficient use of it. In this write-up, we shall look at what RAM cleansing and management application for the Android or any other OS will do for you and why you need to install one. Follow us as we explore this topic.

Before I continue, I must state that I have used a whole lot of RAM management apps on the Playstore and Windows Market place. I shall not list any of them here as it isn’t part of this post.

Many readers here at Mymobnet! have often read of RAM specifications in our of our device reviews but they may not know what it is used for. RAM is the acronym for Random Access Memory in computing and it is this storage space that your device temporarily stores its files and caches. So when this disk is low of memory, it affects greatly the running of your device which will ultimately lead to device freeze or crash, you don’t like that, do you?



The work of a RAM management application is to automatically detect when your mobile device RAM is short of space and requests for you to authorise its cleansing! And better still, it does all this recycling with just one click!

Also many RAM management applications will help show you in one column your currently running applications which eat up your RAM! Now in case you don’t know, any application you don’t properly close may be running at the background without your knowledge. The best way to close your running application is to ‘exit’ it.

If you mistakenly didn’t exit your running application, a good RAM management application on your device will show you your running apps and how to kill any of them.

Another thing a RAM management app does for you is to clear your cache. Your internet browser saves cookies, histories, pages, etc. most times on the RAM. This piles up and slows your system down. They can be cleared from the browser but not effectively without the proper skills so your RAM management app will wipe them off by just a click!

In a nut shell we shall list what we have just said in points below.

What a nice RAM management application does for you:

  • Auto detects when your RAM is low
  • Cleanses the temporary files
  • Lists your currently running applications
  • Kills any or all of your running apps
  • Clears your cache

At this point we are happy to learn that your visit to the Mymobnet! E-Tech Magazine isn’t in vain. Now you know you must own a nice RAM management application, we shall not give you one here and remember that reviews like this isn’t sponsored. Why don’t you follow us on Social media and E-mail subscription?