Hello! For our readers who are also Bloggers or hope to be, Chitika is one of the ways one can make money from blogging. They provide intuitive cost per click and impression adverts that yields some revenue to the blogger. Unfortunately, those who care so much about their blog/website load speed and Interface may wish to deactivate the mobile Chitika advert. I deactivated mine on Mymobnet! blog simply to make it look better and load faster while browsing from your mobile phones. Doing this also costs me some $ from my Mobile visitors, so think about it before disabling it!

This is what Chitika Mobile advert looks like on a mobile browser:

Chitika mobile ad

To Disable the Mobile advert:

  1. Sign in to your Chitika Dashboard
  3. From AD SETINGS at the left box, tick Disable Chitika Mobile Ads as shown in the bottom of the mobile we page shown in this picture:
    Chitika mobile ad
  4. Save. Refresh your blog from a mobile device to make sure the Mobile ad is no more!