Life is too short to commit
suicide because In the year 2002 nokia
3310 was N75k with N40k econet simcard
today its N700 and the sim is

In 2003 samsung c100
was N48k and I must recharge
with atleast N1500 airtime every
two weeks or else my sim willbe
today its N800 and I
dont even need to recharge to
retain my sim {customers are

In 2004 sendo x with
camera and 16mb memory card
{one of the cheapest mp3 enabled phone back
den} was N39k today its free…

In 2006 sagem my v55
was N30k today its going for

2008 nko??? blackberry
bold 2 was N135k today
blackberry is no more producing
new bold 2… so London used na
N15k.. U can get 9ja used for

So my friend, if u neva dey use
blackberry porch, htc smart
phones, android, ipad, iphone,
playbook or nokia 808 no just
Just wait and see coz before 2015
our children go dey use dem as
be patient..
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