I was greatly impressed when I learnt for the first time that the Ghanaian rlg company (also based in China)will have something in store for us very soon, I mean something we love so much –an Android phone! The phone is called rlg L8.

The rlg L8 is somewhat unique in the sense that it is one of the pioneer made in Africa products so its young and needs some nurturing hands to strengthen it. Rlg Communications LTD published that the rlg L8 has been tested this March and will hit the stores come April. So the question is: Will the rlg L8 really catch the eyes of its prospective buyers?

OVERVIEW: Now, what should we expect from rlg L8 come this April? The manufacturers themselves asserted that the L8 will be a Low cost phone which also  means that the rlg L8 will not be a high-end device. Now you don’t expect the L8 to be packed with even the mimic features found in Samsung Galaxy sIV, do you?

Design:         The design of rlg L8 at a first sight looks good but when felt reminds one of the days of the prestigious and gorgeous HTC Windows Mobile 5&6 phones. The L8 isn’t slim and it has a Home button on it. The design isn’t very bad anyway.

rlg L8Android phone
rlg L8Android phone

Internet connectivity:     Kudos to the makers of rlg L8 for putting a 3G in it. We love it though it feeds on the battery like a hungry wolf. There is no HSDPA and 4G but there is a WI-FI support.

Camera:        The Camera of rlg L8 is 3MP. This isn’t a very bad idea especially considering that rlg L8 is a low cost device. A 3MP camera can take a nice shot in a well illuminated environment.

Speed:           I wonder what the price of the rlg L8 will be to support a 600MHz processor speed and an only 256MB RAM. The speed of rlg L8 is not good at all. A lot of seconds will burn before apps like Camera will launch. We hope the speed will be upgraded before final release.

Memory:      The internal storage of rlg L8 is 512MB. The user can augment this with an external memory card.

Operating System: Am sorry to say that what we hate most about this upcoming phone is the idea of loading it with an old and archaic version of Android OS –Version 2.2 Froyo L We shall forgive rlg of this considering the fact that this is their first time with Android on mobile.

Now take a look at the full Specification of RLG L8 compiled by us.

Rlg L8 Features and Specifications:

Internet Connectivity:    3G, EDGE, GPRS

WLAN:                                  WI-FI-802.11

Bluetooth:                           v2.1 EDR

Display:                                43.5 HGVA 262 KTFT

Dimension:                          118.5*63.5*13.7

Camera:                                3MP with flash and no Front camera

Operating System:                       Android OS 2.2 Froyo

CPU:                                       600MHz

RAM:                                     256MB

Internal:                               512MB

GPS:                                       Yes

Sensor:                                 G-sensor, E-compass,

SIM Card:                             Dual SIM

Battery:                                Upto 10 hours talk time  (GSM), up to 8 hours for 3G


  • RLG is Ghanaian? Wow!
    When are we in Naija going to start manufacturing anything of international standard?!

  • Do rlg l8 support whatsup and viber pls