A Mymobnet! Fan recently wrote on our Facebook page yesterday about his problem with signing into Yahoo! Messenger from his Android phone. We present a general solution here of any problem with signing in to any phone Application that requires Internet connection.

Our Facebook fan wrote:

Yahoo messenger not signing in on my techno android M3 is OS4.2 can someone help me with that please

Yahoo messenger
Yahoo messenger

Our Solution to error in Signing into an App like Yahoo Messenger that requires Internet connection

  1. Check your data connection if it’s on or active.  Also confirm that your internet subscription is still valid. Set the Connection settings of your app to its default.
  2. Try signing in to other mobile applications that requires Internet connection. if not successful then the problem is  from the strength of your internet connection.
  3. If 2 was successful, then check your firewall settings especially via your antivirus app and unblock Yahoo Messenger or the concerned app if it was blocked!

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