As you may know, Sony has finalised its plan to release the PS4 and guess what? This time an application for Android devices for PS (4) will also hit the Playstore.

What do we need the Android app for? We may ask Sony inc. The need for this application for the World’s no 1 Mobile platform is long overdue now but we are grateful its going to be here at last.

At the presentation in the 2013 Tokyo Game show, Sony demonstrated to all that this new app is not a game app as some may mistake it to be but a gaming controller application for PS which means that you can also play the Play station game on your screen using your Android smart phone as the console!

Sony Playstation 4
Sony Playstation 4

We learnt that when the Android app is running, there shall be a ‘connect to PS4’ icon that when tapped will remotely connect and control the PS4 game. Not only that, “The app will also be available as a hub for PlayStation Network information, allowing users to access trophy information, as well as chat with other players and accept multiplayer invites.” –Arstechnica

Whenever this app becomes available, we shall try to run a hands on review which may not be published.