The long awaited review of the first Tablet device from Tecno Telecom: The Tecno Phantom Pad (n9), is here with us and we present to you the full specification review and price of this 8.0 inches screen and quad core CPU tablet! You certainly want to know more about this debut device so read on as we take the spec review one on one!

Hardware and Design:

Teecno Phanto Pad (n9) spec review and price
Teecno Phanto Pad (n9) spec review and price

We shall start with the hardware review of this Tecno Phantom Pad (n9). We tested a white n9 in the Mymobnet! Lab so permit me to say that the white Tecno Phantom Pad (n9) is so cute and the black (which we hope will come soon) will certainly look mature and manly.

The design of Tecno Phantom Pad (n9) is ok: with curved edge and an 8’’ screen. We would have preferred a reduced dimension of this n9 because there’s much space from the edge to the screen making it a bit bulky, but it isn’t a phone but a tablet! So its not a big deal at all.

Operating System:

The Tecno Phantom Pad (n9) comes with an out of the box Android Jellybean 4.2.1! This is great and about the latest Operating system of the Android platform after the 4.2.2 and 4.3 –The later only less than a month old.

You certainly will enjoy your new Tecno Phantom Pad (n9) with a tasty OS putting you up to date with the latest mobile Techno!


The display of the Tecno Phantom Pad (n9) is not uhmm…is not too good we must say. It isn’t high definition like the Tecno n7 and an 8’’ device with a resolution of 768 X 1024 will not produce the best result, believe me. Also, It’s just an LCD screen so you will not get the best colour saturation and contrast with this. We only write this because our readers trust us for an unbiased review and we as well wish to relay to Tecno Telecom what we think about their device, but never the less, The Tecno Phantom Pad (n9) is great all round and a must own!


The speed and performance of the Tecno Phantom Pad (n9) is nice. It has a quad core CPU with a 1.2GHz processor. This performance is good and great especially for smaller devices and it is not bad for Tecno Phantom Pad (n9). We advise you to try this speed, it isn’t bad at all.


The Tecno Phantom Pad (n9) has something in common with the Tecno n7 especially with regard to the camera. The camera of this tablet is 5MP back and 2MP front. We will not say this isn’t great, afterall it is a Tablet and you will not be taking much pics with your Tablet PDA and 5MP is a large resolution and great! With the front camera, you can video-call and Skype so this is an added advantage.


The internet is excellent. A 3G connection with a WI-FI is what we see in it. No 4G. You can connect your other gadgets and PCs with your favourite WI-FI hotspot.


One of the best features of this n9 Tablet is its battery. It has a 4500mAh, with Standby 500Hrs and Talk time 8Hrs. This is awesome and better than that of many similar devices. Go ahead and buy this Tablet, don’t worry if Power failure is your problem as long as you can charge it at least once in 2 days.


This device has a dual mini SIM card slots. We love this although making calls with an 8 inch device seems awkward but you can connect to the internet via your SIM which is more effective here.


The price of this device now ranges from N36K to N39K

We know you want to see the detailed features and specs of this Tablet device at a glance, so go ahead and see’em!


Tecno Phantom pad (N9) Features and Specifications:

Internet Connectivity:    3G/HSPA, EDGE (class 12), GPRS (class 12), No 4G

WLAN:                                  WI-FI-802.11, WI-FI Hotspot

Bluetooth:                           v3.0

Display:                                8.0” Capacitive touch screen

Dimension:                        204*154*9.9mm

Camera:                                5.0MP primary and 2MP secondary.

Operating System:        Android OS 4.2.1 Jelly bean

CPU:                                       Quad core 1.2GHz

RAM:                                     1GB

Internal:                               16GB ROM with up to 32GB expandable

GPS:                                       Yes with AGPS support

Sensor:                                 G-sensor

SIM Card:                             Dual mini SIM

Battery:                                4500Mah, Standby 500Hrs, Talk time 8Hrs